Your religious freedom to continue to act on your choice regarding what’s right for your family, your fundamental right of being a part of the OneShare Health Family, is under threat.

1.5 million Americans - more than 150,000 Texans - have chosen to join a Health Care Sharing Ministry to provide for their families’ health care needs. These ministries offer Texans the only 100% pro-life health care solution that is consistent with their biblical beliefs.

However, the Texas House of Representatives will soon vote on whether to pass HB 573. Contrary to the assertions made by the committee chairman, HB 573 is NOT a compromise supported by the majority of Ministries who support protecting these religious exercises. Backroom agreements were made to change the Bill and put it before the House Insurance Committee. This appalling decision will put your religious liberties at risk.

We are confident your state representatives will do the right thing and oppose the proposed legislation to protect Christians' fundamental right to choose a health care solution that matches their needs and their beliefs. But this can only happen with your help!

What Will HB 573 Mean for Texans Like Me?

  • HB 573 expands government life-and-death power over religious organizations. This harmful legislation would significantly expand the jurisdiction of the Department of Insurance over religious ministries. The bill grants the government bureaucracy the power to impose unlimited requirements on Health Care Sharing Ministries as part of an onerous registration ordeal - or else be shut down in Texas.
  • HB 573 discriminates against Christians. HB 573 directly threatens religious freedom by requiring Health Care Sharing Ministries to comply with its incoherent and unworkable regulatory scheme, while imposing no such requirements on for-profit, secular health care sharing organizations.
  • HB 573 violates the First Amendment. HB 573 would restrict First Amendment-protected speech by prohibiting ministries from communicating factual information about their Programs, including the free or discounted services included in Membership. The Bill also compels disclosure of Member demographics and brazenly dictates the content of advertisements, down to the font size.
  • HB 573 eviscerates the presumption of innocence. HB 573 eliminates the burden of proof on the government to prove a case before shutting down a ministry by granting the Attorney General preemptive, “emergency” power to shut down any Ministry on the basis of his beliefs about the ministry’s alleged conduct.
  • HB 573 punishes good actors but ignores bad actors. HB 573 imposes its regulatory burdens only on the religious Ministries that have operated in good faith for almost 30 years, while leaving untouched the fly-by-night, newer, for-profit secular organizations that have harmed and misled consumers.
  • HB 573 replaces current law that’s already working. The Texas Attorney General has used his existing power to prosecute for-profit, secular organizations that are purported to be bad actors. Yet in the name of consumer protection, HB 573 targets the religious ministries who had nothing to do with such devastating cases of consumer harm and have been complying with current law.
  • HB 573 would force Health Care Sharing Ministries to lie. HB 573 requires ACA-exempt ministries to tell prospective Members that they could be subject to the ACA mandate penalty.
  • HB 573 imposes unworkable requirements. HB 573 requires: private disclosure of all financial terms of administrative vendor contracts (including those with confidentiality clauses); scripted disclaimers that would consume half of a 30-second radio/video ad; reporting of consumer complaints made to the state that the ministry doesn’t know about; and the public disclosure of the phone number of each ministry’s top leader.


The Texas House of Representatives will soon vote on HB 573. Texans, just like you, made their own choice to provide for their families’ health care needs with religious Health Care Sharing Ministries that suit their own priorities.

This freedom of choice is an exercise of their protected religious liberties; that freedom of independence to choose what’s best for themselves and their families. Now, it is at stake. Here’s what you can do:



We need you, our Texas Members and supporters of Health Care Sharing Ministries, to help Members of the Texas House of Representatives to understand that HB 573 is an affront to Texans’ religious freedoms. They must oppose this Bill to protect the freedom of Health Care Sharing Ministries so that they may continue serving 150,000 Texans. You can find your representative by clicking below.




The Members of the Texas House of Representatives need to understand that HB 573 is a violation of Texans’ religious freedoms. But they can’t possibly understand this without strong Texans like you.

Will you help protect your Membership with OneShare by calling or emailing your representative today?

Download these provided example scripts and email templates for an idea of what you can say in your messages to your representative. In your call or email, we also strongly encourage you to share your real experience about how your OneShare Membership has helped you and your family!





“And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” 

Philippians 4:19 (ESV)) 

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