Not only does OneShare provide affordable health care, we are a non profit who gives charity donations while sharing medical expenses. See the numbers here!

OneShare Health shares medical expenses while making charity donations around the country. See the breakdown of our non-profit work and shared medical expenses here!

OneShare Health’s Sharing by the Numbers



OneShare Health’s
Sharing by the Numbers

We’ve set out to make a difference in our Community by sharing in one another’s burdens and medical costs. Together, as a non-profit, we’ve helped our Members access affordable health care while also partnering with charities nationwide to reach into underserved communities who need our support.

To show just how much compassionate care has helped our OneShare Health Family and Partner Charities, here’s our Sharing by the Numbers:


OneShare Health is Always Striving to Be Great Stewards of
Member Dollars

Through Features, Programs, & Practices Such as:

OneShare Health makes charity donations around the country while providing affordable health care by sharing medical expenses. See the breakdown here!



Total Medical Expenses Shared*


Total Charitable


Of Sharing Requests Paid in 14 Days**


Of Sharing Requests Paid in 21 Days**


Average Sharing Requests Received Daily

*As of June 23, 2021
** Clean Sharing Requests Only
***Contributions will vary based on state, Member’s age, Demographics, Program, and Tier.