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These emails are sent out at the start of your Membership with OneShare Health. We have conveniently gathered them all in one place for you to refer to whenever you need! 

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  • ​Q: Will my doctor accept OneShare Health Programs?

    A: It's easy to find out!

    We are a recognized Health Care Sharing Ministry that is part of First Health® Provider Network, an NCQA-accredited Provider Network with over 781,191 professional providers at over 1.5 million health care service locations. Click here to check if your provider is in the First Health® Provider Network, or call 833-351-8114.

    It is important to note, however, that OneShare Health and the First Health® Provider Network have partnered together to bring you the best possible care, but we are still separate entities.

    Therefore, when visiting a provider for a health care need, be sure to tell them that you are part of the First Health® Network through your OneShare Health Membership, as it is First Health®, not OneShare, whose providers and facilities are contracted and tending to your specific health care needs. Providers are familiar with the First Health® Provider Network, however, if you do not mention that you are a part of this network, it is possible they could deny your appointment for treatment.

  • Q: What Do I Do if I Want to Switch to Another OneShare Health Program?

    A: You have 10 days to change your Program without incurring any fees or answering further medical questions.

    If you’re finding that the Program you enrolled in is not providing an adequate level of service, let us help you meet your needs! Remember you have 10 days to change your Program without incurring any fees or answering further medical questions.

    If you wish to upgrade or switch to another Program, contact Member Support by phone at (833) 546-4478, Monday through Friday, 7am – 7pm CST, and we’ll be ready to assist you!

  • Q: How Do I Submit a Sharing Request?  

    A: Follow these steps below or reach out to Member Support for assistance!

    1. Each month, a portion of your Monthly Contribution is designated to your OneShareBox account.
    2. When a health care need arises, select a Network Provider for medical assistance.
    3. At the time of your Visit, present your Member ID card to your provider; the front desk should reference the Network Logo on the card. Providers can use the EDI # on the back of the card to submit bills electronically to OneShare.
    4. If your provider is unwilling to submit a bill directly to OneShare, request a copy of the CMS HFCA 1500 and/or UB-04 form(s). Then, you may fill out and submit an Expense Sharing Request Form (available in your Member Portal), and fax or mail your completed form (CMS HFCA 1500 and/or UB-04 form, this standardized form can be obtained from your provider) to OneShare Health.
    5. OneShare Health will determine Sharing Eligibility for your request. After we process your Form, and your request has been submitted for Member Sharing, OneShare will send you an Explanation of Sharing (EOS). Inside, you’ll find 1) the charges from your health care Visit that have been shared by other Members, 2) the charges applied to your Individual Sharing Amount (ISA), and 3) any other charges that were not shared (i.e. what you are responsible for paying to your health care provider).
    6. After that, congratulations! Your Sharing Request is fulfilled.

    Want to learn more? Contact Member Support by phone at (833) 546-4478, Monday through Friday, 7am – 7pm CST, or refer to your Membership Guidebook for more details on how to submit a Sharing Request.

  • Q: How Long Have Healthcare Sharing Programs Been Around?

    A: Healthcare Sharing Programs have been around for decades, and billions of dollars of healthcare needs have been shared by fellow Members. Although Healthcare Sharing Programs are not considered to be traditional health insurance, they are great alternatives to Obamacare and are exempt from the Obamacare law. One of the most popular differences between Obamacare and Healthcare Sharing Programs is that Healthcare Sharing Programs offer open enrollment to new Members all year long. OneShare Health welcomes new Members who can honor a Statement of Beliefs, by which the Program operates.

  • Q: What is the IBH Behavioral Health / Member Assistance Program (MAP)?

    A: IBH’s MAP, in partnership with OneShare, is available to Members of the Catastrophic, Classic, and Complete Programs and provides access to important Behavioral Health Services including confidential counseling, crisis help, advice, support, and practical solutions to real-life issues. Click here to learn more or visit the login and sign-up page.

  • Q: What if My Provider is Not In Network?

    A: You can nominate an Out-of-Network Provider to become a part of the First Health® Network!

    While OneShare Health is proud to offer our Members the ability to select which providers they use when addressing their health care needs (even if that means a provider is Out-of-Network), you may also help your provider get nominated to be contracted by First Health® and become part of the network. Click to get started on the Provider Nomination Process.

  • Q: Is Maternity Included?

    A: Yes! OneShare has welcomed many new babies into the world through certain Tiers of our Classic, and with our Complete Sharing Programs. See Program brochures for details if you are thinking of having a family in the future.

  • Q: What Medical Needs are Eligible for Sharing?

    A: Medical needs Eligible to be shared by healthcare sharing Members compare favorably to their prior medical coverage. Eligible medical needs are listed in the Membership Guidelines.

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