OneSharesm Catastrophic

Membership Sharing Program



Our Catastrophic Program is our most affordable Membership. It’s ideal for individuals who are in good health and in a good position to bless others.

(Waiting Periods and Pre-Existing Condition limitations apply.)

'Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.'  

Hebrews 13:16 (ESV)

Sharing Services
Specialists $75 Visit fee. Hospitalization or Post Outpatient Surgery
Emergency Room $300 Visit Fee
Diagnostic | X-Ray | Labs Pre/Post In-Patient Hospitalization or Outpatient Surgery. *ISA applies
In/Outpatient Surgery 100% after ISA up to Maximum Sharing Limit
Hospitalization 100% after ISA up to Maximum Sharing Limit
Maximum Per Incident and Life Share Maximums $150,000/$300,000; $250,000/$500,000; $500,000 /$1,000,000 


Includes These Beneficial Features

Telemedicine 24-hour Availability
$0 Consult Fee
Suite of Member Discount
Prescription Discount

Membership Discount Services

Membership Discount Programs are not sharing services and are not owned or operated by OneShare Health, LLC. These are made available to OneShare Members by Careington for a fee paid from the Member’s monthly contribution.

All Members* of OneShare's Health Care Sharing Ministry receive access to a full suite of cutting-edge ancillary services at Membership discounts for total, quality care.

*Does not include Washington Catastrophic Program Members, services may vary by state.

Health Sharing Ministries | Diabetic Care Supplies
Diabetic Care
Health Sharing Ministries | Hearing Care
Hearing Care
Health Sharing Ministries | Labs
Health Sharing Ministries | Vitamins
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