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Board of Directors


Tyler Hochstetler

Chairman of the Board & Founding Board Member

Tyler Hochstetler is a law firm principal and attorney (J.D., magna cum laude, Rutgers University). A key portion of his law practice focuses on Health Care Sharing Ministry compliance. Tyler is also a founding Board member of OneShare Health and cherishes his longstanding heritage in the Anabaptist faith.

Allen Kerr

Vice Chairman

Allen joined OneShare Health in April 2020 to help lead and navigate OSH in the regulatory industry. Prior to joining OneShare, Allen served as the state of Arkansas's 23rd State Insurance Commissioner and was an elected member in the Arkansas House of Representatives, District 32, in Little Rock, AR. During his tenure as Insurance Commissioner, Allen was a member of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), serving as Chairman of the Market Regulation and Consumer Affairs (D) Committee. In addition, he served as a member of the Market Actions (D) Working Group and member of the Board of Directors of the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR). Allen also served as Chairman of the Joint Committee on Public Retirement and Social Security Programs and served on a variety of other committees, subcommittees, and task-forces, including the State and Public Schools Life and Health Insurance Program Legislative Task Force. During the 88th General Assembly, he served as Vice Chairman of the House Insurance and Commerce Committee. Allen brings to his position over three decades of experience in insurance and financial services. He opened the Allen Kerr Insurance Agency in March of 1981 and, by its first year of business, was ranked as number one in production in a district of 40 established agencies. In 2013 the agency was purchased by Delta Trust and Bank, which was later purchased by Simmons Bank, becoming the Simmons First Insurance of which Allen served as President. A former Justice of the Peace for Pulaski County, Allen served as the Budget Chair for the Pulaski County Quorum Court.

Mike Huckabee

OneShare Health Board Member

Former 44th Governor of the State of Arkansas (1993-2007) and Republican presidential nominee (2008 and 2016) Mike Huckabee serves as a distinguished member of OneShare Health’s Board of Directors. In addition to educational reform, Huckabee continues to push for making wide-scale changes to American health care, including promoting full transparency within the industry and providing affordable and reliable health care to all Americans. Prior to his political career, Huckabee served as a pastor of congregations in Arkansas for 12 years, as well as president of the Arkansas Baptist Convention, which helped spark his pursuit into major politics. Before that, he spent several years in radio, TV, and advertising. To date, he has written 13 books, most of them NY Times Bestsellers, and has hosted television shows on Fox News Channel. He is currently the host of “Huckabee” on the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) and an active contributor at Fox News. As he serves on the OneShare Health Board of Directors, Huckabee brings momentum behind the company's faith-driven vision to love thy neighbor and share in each other’s burdens; to go forth into the towns and cure the sick; and to fulfill the goals and desires of Jesus Christ.
Alex Cardona  

Alex Cardona

OneShare Health CEO & Founding Board Member

Since the inception of OneShare Health, Alex has been the organization’s Chief Executive Officer and a founding Member of the Board. An accomplished industry professional with over 21 years in key leadership roles, Alex is responsible for OneShare’s corporate direction and strategy. Amassing over 12 years of experience in regulatory compliance, he and his team of experienced industry experts have created an authentic and transparent Health Care Sharing Ministry (HCSM) where the needs of Members are put first and foremost.

In addition to regulatory compliance, Alex’s professional experience spans the insurance and auditing sectors. He began his corporate career in 1998 in Compliance and Regulatory Affairs with American Security Group. During this time, he helped lead initiatives that resulted in the seamless integration and acquisition of American Bankers Insurance Group to form Assurant Group (now Assurant Solutions, a division of Assurant, which is a Fortune 500 company).

Five years later, in 2003, Alex assumed the helm as Director of Compliance with BISYS Education Services, a division of BISYS Inc. (also a Fortune 500 company). It is here that he discovered and used his passion and love of sales to turn a compliance and processing department into a revenue-generating division—which, until Alex’s tenure, had never been done within the organization.

But his passions extend far beyond growing business organizations. He has a deep-rooted devotion to ministry, which can be attributed to his early days as a student at Christiansen Academy, a boarding school for missionary children. However, instead of pursuing a career in ministry, Alex quickly discovered his God-given calling to become a leader in the health care industry. So, soon after ceasing his position at another notable HCSM, OneShare Health was born.

Utilizing his talents in compliance and sales, Alex has successfully created an exemplary Health Care Sharing Ministry, where he brings together his brothers and sisters in Christ to practice brotherly love and compassionate care. Imbued with faith and his testimony, Alex continues to share his Mission and Vision on a national level, including at centers like Macon State Prison, juvenile detention centers, as well as numerous churches and nonprofits.
Senator Cecile Bledsoe  

Senator Cecile Bledsoe

OneShare Health Board Member

Ranking first in seniority in the Senate while representing District 3, Senator Bledsoe of Rogers, Arkansas, was first elected to the legislature in 1998 and served for six years in the Arkansas House of Representatives. Prior to her senatorial tenure, she worked as a caseworker at the University of Arkansas Medical Center and later served as Vice President of a medical clinic for several years. In 2008, she was elected to the Arkansas State Senate. Since then, she has served on the Health Reform Legislative Task Force and as Chair of the Senate Committee on Public Health, with the goal of making health care more accessible and affordable to her fellow constituents and across the United States. Today, Senator Bledsoe serves as Senate co-chair of the Legislative Council and as Vice Chair of the Senate Committee on Insurance and Commerce. During her 17 years in the legislature, she has received numerous accolades including the "Legislator of the Year Award" by the Arkansas Medical Society, "Distinguished Legislator" by the Arkansas Municipal League, the Family Council Action Committee Statesman Award, and the Arkansas State Chamber’s Leadership Award. In her new role as a board member of OneShare Health, Senator Bledsoe will serve on the Finance Committee. She said she believes in the Mission and Values of OneShare Health and is eager to be part of a team to discover solutions to the rising cost of health care.

Jim Gardner

Elite Performance Coach, Culture Consultant & Founding Board Member

In his coaching practice, Elite Fit Performance, Jim works with elite performers in business and in sports on Practicing Excellence for optimum, sustainable performance. He also consults with organizations and teams on building elite performance cultures. Jim's mission is to equip the masses for consistently Practicing Excellence in all aspects of life, honoring those who stepped into his life and gave of themselves. He has served for nine years as a mentor at Trinity High School in Euless, Texas. Jim has served as a counselor in the Made-Up Minds program for troubled youth in the HEB School District. Additionally, Jim is Board Chairman of the Adaptive Training Foundation, a nonprofit where the lives of those born with or who have experienced physical impairment, are re-engaged through physical fitness, mindset, and community.
OSH_Leader_Pamela Varner Woodson  

Pamela Varner Woodson

OneShare Health Board Member & Program Member

Pamela Varner Woodson’s spiritual journey began in 1971, and she has consistently lived a faith-based life since. Her professional journey began in the financial office at First Baptist Church of Tucker, Georgia, in May 1996. In September 2002, she was promoted to Business Administrator and, in October 2016, was ordained as a minister at First Baptist Church of Tucker. Since then, she has been functioning in the dual role of Business/Office Administrator and Pastoral Counselor. Simultaneously, Pam has fostered a career with Atlanta Intervention Network as a Licensed Professional Counselor and Master Addiction Counselor. In these roles, she facilitates psychoeducational groups which focus specifically on drug, alcohol, and family violence intervention of predominantly court-mandated clients. She specializes in grief therapy, addiction, and helping adults cope with childhood trauma, and is certified as a Family Violence Intervention facilitator by the Georgia Commission on Family Violence. Initially, Pam was drawn to OneShare Health’s strong Christian principles as well as its Mission of living a healthy and accountable lifestyle. Today, she continues to strive towards her goal of changing lives for the better as an esteemed member of OneShare’s Board of Directors. Pam is married to Barry Fortenberry from Tucker, GA. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, reading, writing, playing piano, singing, traveling, and being a mom and a grandmother (YaYa).

Leadership Team


Tracy Berwick

Chief Operations Officer

With 30+ years of Executive Leadership experience, Tracy is continuously improving operational and technological efficiencies and business development, supporting leading employee benefit products and administrative solutions in the marketplace. Successful track record driving execution of strategic initiatives to include implementing change during times of crisis, merger, and acquisition, startup, reorganization, while ensuring a superior client experience. She has developed a strong reputation as a respected, innovative, and inspirational leader. Successful in building multiple lines of business, growing cohesive teams, and collaborative organizational cultures. She's experienced and skilled in talent acquisition, leadership development, establishing and maintaining business partner loyalty, driving productivity, and increasing employee engagement. Develop skilled leaders, productive teams, and strong client relationships to drive profitable business performance.

Buddy Combs

Chief Compliance Officer & General Counsel

OneShare Health welcomed former insurance regulator Buddy Combs in January 2020. Serving eight years at the Oklahoma Insurance Department and, ultimately, as First Deputy Commissioner and Chief of Staff, Buddy's background in health insurance, and the oversight thereof, is extensive. Today, Buddy is responsible for overseeing the operations of the company's compliance, contracting, and legal teams. This includes handling member complaints that come through departments of insurance, the Better Business Bureau©, and Attorney General offices, as well as the review of all legal matters within the organization. Once a leadership member at the Oklahoma Insurance Department, Combs also has extensive experience in the drafting and development of legislation related to healthcare and health insurance issues.
Courtney Traylor  

Courtney Traylor

Chief Financial Officer

Courtney joined OneShare Health following a successful five-year tenure with the State of Arkansas. Prior to assuming her role at OneShare, she served as Assistant Deputy Commissioner for the Arkansas Insurance Department (2014—2019), and, afterwards, as the Chief Financial Officer for the Arkansas Department of Commerce (2019—2020). During this time, Courtney was responsible for improvements that were made to the Insurance Department’s accounting processes and tools, which contributed over $1.5 million to state general revenue in just four years. Regarding her leadership style, Courtney believes in a collaborative approach to solving business problems and that special emphasis must be placed on understanding the business as a whole. While serving as OneShare Health’s Chief Financial Officer, Courtney’s hope is to add value to the team, provide opportunities for others, and to lead by example as she oversees the overall financial strategy and leadership of our organization.
Toby Buckalew  

Toby Buckalew

Chief Information Officer

As the CIO of OneShare Health, Toby oversees the developing and leads their technology strategy and growth. He is an accomplished CIO with more than 30 years of experience and success in multiple industries – four healthcare segments, military retail, and mortgage banking financial service. Starting his career on US military bases in Germany and Italy, he rapidly grasped the importance of having solid strategies to bridge the technology and operations environments. Toby's accomplishments span a variety of experiences; from creating applications and systems for HP/Compaq to meet the unique needs of the military retail market to integrating healthcare clinics after acquisition to evaluating potential acquisitions for investors, turning around a healthcare company emerging from bankruptcy, and crafting technology strategies for businesses to overcome their growth hurdles. Having lead sales/marketing, infrastructure, development, application, networking, and customer service teams, his wide breadth of leadership experience brings a full understanding of business to the technology environment. Toby holds a degree in technical management – logistics from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.

Mihai Chiru-Danzer Ph.D.

Chief Experience Officer

Joining OneShare Health in June 2019, Dr. Chiru-Danzer has 25 years of experience in Matrixed Team Leadership, Continuous Improvement, and Enterprise Analytics. He has leveraged his knowledge and vision to create value and to provide hypothesis-driven solutions that align with the corporate strategy. He is a laser-focused leader whose teams learn from their failures because of unparalleled perseverance. As a consultant for several high-profile clients, he has identified almost three billion assessed dollars and developed hundreds of mathematical, statistical, and strategic applications. He has offered services to an array of Commercial, State, and Federal clients, and the experience extends but is not limited to Booz Allen Hamilton, CITI, YP, and now OneShare Health. He is an alumnus of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Rutgers University, and Clemson University.

Nancy G. Atkins

Executive Vice President of Government Relations

As the former Commissioner of the Kentucky Department of Insurance, Board Member for the National Insurance Producers Registry, and member of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners & the Federal Advisory Committee on Insurance, Nancy brings with her more than 30 years of expertise & experience in the insurance industry and will oversee OneShare Health's relationships with the legislative and regulatory bodies across all states, as well as educate government leaders on matters pertaining to HCSMs.
OneShare Health EVP of Marketing Heather Harrington  

Heather Harrington

Executive Vice President of Marketing

Joining OneShare Health in February 2020, Heather is a dynamic leader with over a decade of experience in Marketing and Technical Product Development. Heather is responsible for overseeing OneShare's marketing strategies to strengthen the company's market position and achieve our goals as a life-giving, cost-sharing ministry. Heather's background in agency-level and in-house advertising is extensive. Heather's technical accomplishments include Strategic Planning and Implementation, Operations Analysis and Process Redesign, Project Management and Implementation, Budget Administration, and Client Acquisition and Retention, to name a few. As a front-end web developer, Heather has also drastically improved UI/UX designs for countless websites and web applications. Prior to joining OneShare Health, Heather was the Senior Vice President of Marketing for an E-commerce Technology company based in Irving, Texas. Within nine months, she and her talented team took the company from startup status to being listed on the NASDAQ in less than a year. As a result of her efforts, the brand was able to increase Search Engine Optimization (SEO), sales, and overall revenue to nearly $1 billion by the end of the third year.
Victoria Damone  

Victoria Damone

Executive Vice President of Strategic Partnerships

Since joining in August 2018, Victoria, was the second employee to join OneShare Health and has been with them since inception. Victoria is responsible for introducing, aligning, bringing together mutually beneficial partners to support OneShare Health. Victoria has been in the health benefits arena for close to 17 years. Before working for OneShare Health, Victoria started her insurance career working for a TPA. She was the National Client Relationship Manager for AmWINS, the largest insurance wholesaler in the world. Victoria has sat on both the Children's Diabetes Foundation and Alzheimer's Foundation Board.