It’s through the hard work, dedication, and exceptional guidance of the OneShare Leadership Team that we will complete our Mission!

Our Team

OneShare Health believes that we—all of us—truly are Better Together, and we’ve set our sights on fulfilling the needs and surpassing the expectations of our Members, Partners, and staff.

Building the world's greatest Team!

Leadership Team

Jen Slutzker - CEO

Jen Slutzker

Chief Executive Officer

Jen has been an integral part of our Health Care Sharing Ministry since 2019, contributing to the organization's growth and success through various leadership roles. In 2023, Jen was appointed as the CEO, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to the position. Prior to becoming the CEO, Jen served as the Chief Operating Officer (COO), where she was instrumental in streamlining operations and enhancing member services.
With a robust background spanning 25 years in the health insurance industry, Jen possesses deep insights and a comprehensive understanding of healthcare management. Her extensive experience has been pivotal in navigating the complexities of healthcare sharing and ensuring the well-being of our members.
Under Jen's leadership, our ministry continues to thrive, fostering a community grounded in mutual support and shared values. Jen is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of care and service, guiding our organization towards a future of sustained growth and impact.

Jeremy Farmer

Corporate Chaplain

Jeremy joined the OneShare Health Family in May of 2019. He brings nearly two decades of pastoral ministry experience and a heart to serve people. Before coming to OneShare Health, Jeremy spent time as a students’ pastor ministering to middle- and high-school students, young adults’ pastor, and, most recently, a freedom pastor, where he helped people connect with the presence of God to learn their true identity in Christ Jesus. He is passionate about helping people through difficult seasons of life and giving them hope through the love of Jesus. Jeremy is responsible for the emotional and spiritual care of the OneShare Health staff and Members. He has an undeniable gift to connect with people and to help them see ways past their current circumstances. Jeremy is a licensed pastor through Worldwide Evangelism, an organization created to build a bridge between missions, evangelism, the church, and the marketplace. Jeremy is also very proud to be the husband of an amazing wife and the father of two teenage boys.

Buddy Combs

Chief Legal Officer

OneShare Health welcomed former insurance regulator Buddy Combs in January 2020. Serving eight years at the Oklahoma Insurance Department and, ultimately, as First Deputy Commissioner and Chief of Staff, Buddy's background in health insurance, and the oversight thereof, is extensive. Today, Buddy is responsible for overseeing the operations of the company's compliance, contracting, and legal teams. This includes handling member complaints that come through departments of insurance, the Better Business Bureau©, and Attorney General offices, as well as the review of all legal matters within the organization. Once a leadership member at the Oklahoma Insurance Department, Combs also has extensive experience in the drafting and development of legislation related to healthcare and health insurance issues.
Bill Giles - CFO

Bill Giles

Chief Financial Officer


A successful financial professional with over 40 years’ experience with Fortune 500 and entrepreneurial companies in financing and controlling rapid growth. He has worked with companies to create innovative financial measurements and offerings to deliver meaningful value to customers and bottom-line business results.

Providing professional financial services for startup to $100 million annual revenue sized companies to partner and execute a successful business plan. Concentration on healthcare, distribution, information technology and automation, software, and manufacturing.

Nancy G. Atkins | OneShare Health Leadership | Chief Regulatory Officer

Nancy G. Atkins

Regulatory Advisor

As the former Commissioner of the Kentucky Department of Insurance, Board Member for the National Insurance Producers Registry, and member of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners & the Federal Advisory Committee on Insurance, Nancy brings with her more than 30 years of expertise & experience in the insurance industry and will oversee OneShare Health's relationships with the legislative and regulatory bodies across all states, as well as educate government leaders on matters pertaining to HCSMs.
Kyle Dietz - CRO

Kyle Dietz

Chief Revenue Officer


OneShare Health is pleased to welcome Kyle Dietz as Chief Revenue Officer. Kyle joins the team with a wealth of experience in revenue optimization, strategic partnerships and has worked with companies such as UnitedHealthcare, AgentCubed, which is now a part of Allstate Health Solutions, and PivotHealth, which was acquired by His extensive background in operational management, combined with his commitment to fostering meaningful relationships, makes him a valuable addition to the OneShare Health leadership team.

Kyle Dietz - CRO

Michelle Berndt

Vice President of Sales


Michelle Berndt resides in Dallas, TX with her husband and two kids. She has been with OneShare Health since it opened in 2018. Michelle has managed both the training and sales team. She has a Bachelors Degree in Healthcare Administration from Kaplan University. Michelle is a cancer survivor and truly believes in the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Her passion is serving our Members and Producers on a daily basis.

Tiffany Nolan - VP of Operations

Tiffany Nolan

Vice President of Operations


Tiffany joined OneShare Health in March 2020, and has since demonstrated exceptional versatility and dedication, holding various roles such as Clinical Supervisor, Director of Clinical Operations, and now Vice President of Operations. With over 15 years of experience in the healthcare industry, she is a seasoned professional passionate about fostering the CORE values of OneShare Health. With an educational foundation in Business Administration, Management, and Operations, Tiffany excels at building high-performing leaders and teams, driving business growth through strategic planning, process innovation, and effective leadership. As a people-driven VP of Operations, she is passionate about fostering a culture of collaboration, innovation, and excellence. Tiffany is committed to the continued growth and community of OneShare Health, leveraging her expertise to drive success and make a meaningful impact in the lives of both members and staff.

Joel Barker

Joel Barker

EVP of Information Technology


Joel has nearly twenty years of eclectic experience working with small and medium organizations to find innovative solutions for technology-related challenges. With a diverse background in software engineering, technology management, business consulting, and more, he brings a unique blend of technical expertise and strategic insight. Known for problem-solving, organizational adaptability, clear communication, and dedication to quality, his goal at OneShare Health is to apply technology and intelligence to empower its employees and serve our Members better.

Meghan Cochrane - VP of Project Management

Meghan Cochrane

Vice President of Project Management


Meghan Cochrane brings over a decade of experience in the healthcare insurance industry to her role as VP of Project Management at OneShare Health. As the Affordable Care Act was introduced, her journey began as a licensed agent specializing in individual health insurance. This path guided her through pivotal roles in Medicare Supplement sales and group benefits administration. These diverse roles equipped Meghan with a comprehensive understanding of the healthcare landscape, enabling her to navigate complex projects. At OneShare Health, Meghan's leadership shines through as she navigates complex projects, inspiring and guiding her team toward shared objectives with unwavering commitment. Armed with a BBA in Business Management from Baylor University, Meghan continues to evolve as a dynamic project manager, dedicated to delivering outcomes that consistently surpass expectations.


Board of Directors

Tyler Hochstetler | OneShare Health Board of Directors | Chairman of the Board & Founding Board Member

Tyler Hochstetler

Chairman of the Board & Founding Board Member

Tyler Hochstetler is a law firm principal and attorney (J.D., magna cum laude, Rutgers University). A key portion of his law practice focuses on Health Care Sharing Ministry compliance. Tyler is also a founding Board member of OneShare Health and cherishes his longstanding heritage in the Anabaptist faith.
Mike Huckabee | OneShare Health Board of Directors | OneShare Health Board Member

Mike Huckabee

OneShare Health Board Member

Former 44th Governor of the State of Arkansas (1993-2007) and Republican presidential nominee (2008 and 2016) Mike Huckabee serves as a distinguished member of OneShare Health’s Board of Directors. In addition to educational reform, Huckabee continues to push for making wide-scale changes to American health care, including promoting full transparency within the industry and providing affordable and reliable health care to all Americans. Prior to his political career, Huckabee served as a pastor of congregations in Arkansas for 12 years, as well as president of the Arkansas Baptist Convention, which helped spark his pursuit into major politics. Before that, he spent several years in radio, TV, and advertising. To date, he has written 13 books, most of them NY Times Bestsellers, and has hosted television shows on Fox News Channel. He is currently the host of “Huckabee” on the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) and an active contributor at Fox News. As he serves on the OneShare Health Board of Directors, Huckabee brings momentum behind the company's faith-driven vision to love thy neighbor and share in each other’s burdens; to go forth into the towns and cure the sick; and to fulfill the goals and desires of Jesus Christ.
Matthew Szymanski | OneShare Health Board of Directors | OneShare Health Board Member

Matthew Szymanski

OneShare Health Board Member

Matthew seeks to use his familiarity with Health Care Sharing Ministries (HCSMs) to support OneShare's Ministry. He practices law with the DC area firm of Gammon & Grange, which serves mostly non-profit and religious organizations. He first joined Gammon & Grange in 1993 as a litigator after brief stints with the US Departments of Justice and Labor. He left the firm in 2001 for Capitol Hill, where he was chief of staff for the House Committee on Small Business (including non-profits) and the U.S.-China Interparliamentary Exchange. From 2007-2014, he was a vice president for SMIC, a publicly traded chipmaker based in China, where his wife taught at, and their children attended, SMIC School. He returned to the U.S. in 2014 and to Gammon & Grange in 2018. He has advised many non-profits (including HCSMs) and enjoys working on religious freedom cases and volunteering with the U.S.-Asia Institute to run a U.S.-China law student program he founded in 2008. He and his wife attend church in Virginia and are longtime members of an HCSM.
Catherine Fogliano | OneShare Health Board of Directors | OneShare Health Board Member

Catherine Fogliano

Vice Chairwoman of the Board

Catherine “Cathy” Fogliano serves on the Board of Directors at OneShare Health. Her leadership has expanded over 30 years in executive management specializing in establishing and expanding startup companies into the marketplace.

As one of the most foremost experts in telehealth, Ms. Fogliano was one of the first individuals responsible for the introduction of “Connected Health” into the national healthcare marketplace. After successfully owning her own insurance brokerage and consulting firm, Cathy dedicated herself to the telemedicine industry in 2004, where she was the first sales and marketing executive for the Telehealth industry’s first publicly traded company, Teladoc Health, Inc.

Several years later and with a passion for serving others in needs, Ms. Fogliano left Teladoc to bring Telehealth to the people of South Africa, through a partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Upon returning to Texas she had co-founded a healthcare analytics company, Averify, to reduce healthcare spend through a Variability Cost Index™. Cathy currently serves on the Averify Board of Directors.
Jeff Smedsrud-Leadership Team-Board Member

Jeff Smedsrud

OneShare Health Board Member

Jeff is a co-founder of, former President of Insurance Services for, and Founder of Pivot Health (acquired by in Feb. 2018).  He is a results-oriented leader who has built and grown companies from back-of-envelope ideas to multi-million dollar, profitable and scalable entities with a focus on health insurance and other consumer-centric business models. Previously, Jeff helped create and grow the fully insured segment at The IHC Group (NYSE:IHC) from $0 to nearly $300 million in revenue in seven years. He led AMIC (NASDAQ:AMIC) to significant direct-to-consumer growth and national recognition. Jeff is a serial entrepreneur who has started several businesses – four of which have been acquired by publicly traded companies. Creative thinker who has been a presenter at dozens of national trade conventions. Active marathon runner and member of Seven Continents Club — one of only 200 or so individuals to run a marathon on all seven continents. Cancer survivor, charity activist and motivational speaker.
Pamela Varner Woodson | OneShare Health Board of Directors | OneShare Health Board Member & Program Member

Pamela Varner Woodson

OneShare Health Board Member & Program Member

Pamela Varner Woodson’s spiritual journey began in 1971, and she has consistently lived a faith-based life since. Her professional journey began in the financial office at First Baptist Church of Tucker, Georgia, in May 1996. In September 2002, she was promoted to Business Administrator and, in October 2016, was ordained as a minister at First Baptist Church of Tucker. Since then, she has been functioning in the dual role of Business/Office Administrator and Pastoral Counselor. Simultaneously, Pam has fostered a career with Atlanta Intervention Network as a Licensed Professional Counselor and Master Addiction Counselor. In these roles, she facilitates psychoeducational groups which focus specifically on drug, alcohol, and family violence intervention of predominantly court-mandated clients. She specializes in grief therapy, addiction, and helping adults cope with childhood trauma, and is certified as a Family Violence Intervention facilitator by the Georgia Commission on Family Violence. Initially, Pam was drawn to OneShare Health’s strong Christian principles as well as its Mission of living a healthy and accountable lifestyle. Today, she continues to strive towards her goal of changing lives for the better as an esteemed member of OneShare’s Board of Directors. Pam is married to Barry Fortenberry from Tucker, GA. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, reading, writing, playing piano, singing, traveling, and being a mom and a grandmother (YaYa).