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At OneShare Health, we are committed to providing affordable Memberships, comprehensive medical cost-sharing Programs, and simple administration to better serve you. Learn more about our specific offerings below, and start your enrollment either online or speak to a Specialist now at 833-550-1545!

Each of our Sharing Programs offer three tiers to meet every level of need.

Pricing Contributions as Low as
$ 115
$ 0
per month
Contributions will vary based on state, Member’s age, Demographics, Program, and Tier.
Contributions as Low as
$ 154
$ 7
per month
Contributions will vary based on state, Member’s age, Demographics, Program, and Tier.
Contributions as Low as
$ 239
$ 29
per month
Contributions will vary based on state, Member’s age, Demographics, Program, and Tier.
Telemedicine /
Telemedicine is not owned or operated by OneShare Health, LLC, but is provided by DialCare.
Behavioral Health / Member Assistance Program (MAP)
Behavioral Health / Member Assistance Program (MAP) is not owned or operated by OneShare Health, LLC but is provided by IBH.
X-Rays / Labs / Diagnostic
Emergency Room
Prescription Discounts
$1,000,000 Lifetime Maximum
Primary Care Physician N/A
Urgent Care Facility N/A
Preventive Services N/A
Natural Delivery $5,000; C-Section $8,000; complications $50,000.
No Maximum Limit per Incident N/A N/A

As a Health Care Sharing Ministry, we offer three different medical cost-sharing Programs designed to meet the differing needs of each individual and family in our Community.


Monthly Membership Contributions allow our Members to share in one another’s medical costs, demonstrating the shared love and respect that defines our Faith Community.


All of our Programs* include access to a full suite of cutting-edge Discount Services, including prescriptions, lab work, vision, dental, diabetic care/supplies, and more.

*Does not include Washington Catastrophic Program Members, services may vary by state.

Breaking Every Mold


Meet ​increasing health care cost with inclusive, ACA-exempt medical cost sharing within our Faith Community. OneShare Health breaks every mold, offering cost, quality, and flexibility, plus inclusivity and simplicity unlike any other Health Care Sharing Ministry.


Our Promise


Affordable Membership    Faithful Community    Comprehensive sharing    Mutual blessings    Simple administration

Members receive comprehensive access to high-quality healthcare with Membership Contributions as low as $115 Individual, $185 Individual +1, $277 Family*

*Rates will vary based on state, Member’s age, Demographics, Program, and Tier.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is OneShare Health?

    OneShare Health is a health care sharing Family that welcomes, invites, and unites those who agree with our core biblical principles relating to life, health, and caring for others, as evidenced in our shared Statement of Beliefs.

  • Are Health Care Sharing Programs offered by insurance companies?

    No. These Programs are only offered by Health Care Sharing Ministries.

  • Are Pre-Existing Conditions Eligible for Sharing?

    There is a 24-Month Waiting Period for Pre-Existing Conditions. However, Routine Maintenance is available through PCP, Labs and Specialists Visits on the Classic and Complete Program for the following conditions: Diabetes 1&2, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, and Thyroid.

  • How do I become a Member?

    Becoming a Member is simple; complete the Membership Application process online or by calling 833-513-4931.

  • How much does a Health Care Sharing Program cost?

    Your Monthly Contribution depends on the number of Members in your family​, the age of the oldest Member, and the type of Membership Program you select.

  • How long have Health Care Sharing Programs been around?

    Health Care Sharing Programs have been around for decades, and ​it's estimated that fellow Members have shared billions of dollars of health care needs. Although Health Care Sharing Programs are not considered to be traditional health insurance, they are ​a great option and are exempt from the Obamacare law.  One of the most popular differences between Obamacare and Health Care Sharing Programs is that Health Care Sharing Programs offer open enrollment to new Members all year long. OneShare Health welcomes new Members who can honor a Statement of Beliefs, by which the Program operates.

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