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Your spiritual health is just as important as your physical health, and OneShare Health is here to support you in your walk with God.

Yes, we provide a pathway to health care that’s outside of traditional health insurance. But our Community, our faith, and our Ministry is what truly make us unique. OneShare Health is always searching for ways to give back to our Faith Community.

With origins in the Anabaptist faith, a Chaplain on Staff, and a Team of Prayer Warriors who are ready to assist with your Prayer Requests and online prayer submissions, we are a medical sharing Ministry that welcomes and unites those who agree with how we live life, take care of our health, and support others. We hope that the resources below will support and bless us all on our faith journey together.


Have a prayer request or online prayer submission? Participate in our prayer line and ministry for spiritual support.

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Our medical sharing ministry has supplied a Bible reading plan so you can get to know God in a meaningful way.
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Do you want to know God in a deeper way? Hear His voice more clearly when you become a committed student of His Word. Follow along with our daily Bible reading plan to finish the Bible within a year!

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View pastor Jeremy's monthly devotionals, published by our medical sharing ministry!
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Our faith-based non-profit organization has a full-time Chaplain on staff to help guide our visitors, Members, Partners, and staff in their daily spiritual journey. Watch Pastor Jeremy Farmer’s monthly devotional videos for insights to live faithfully, peacefully, and joyfully.

Our medical sharing ministry has monthly devotionals and prayer for you to live a spiritually healthy life.

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