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What is DialCare? What is Teledoc? Find out how to use telemedicine, the phone number for Telemedicine, and more!

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What is Christian health insurance? What does In Network Provider mean? What does pre existing condition mean? Learn here!


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  • How Do I Contact OneShare Health?

    Need to contact OneShare Health? Our dedicated support teams are ready to help!

    Give us a call or view our contact information.

  • How Do I Submit a Sharing Request?

    Follow these steps below or reach out to Member Support for assistance!

    1. Each month, a portion of your Monthly Contribution is designated to your OneShareBox account.

    2. As a OneShare Health Member, we are giving you the freedom to choose a healthcare Provider; to go to any hospital or Facility you’d like.

    3. At the time of your Visit, present your Member ID Card to your provider; the front desk should reference the Network Logo on the card. Providers can use the EDI # on the back of the card to submit bills electronically to OneShare.

    4. If your provider is unwilling to submit a bill directly to OneShare, request a copy of the CMS HFCA 1500 and/or UB-04 form(s). Then, you may fill out and submit an Expense Sharing Request Form (available in your Member Portal), and fax or mail your completed form (CMS HFCA 1500 and/or UB-04 form, this standardized form can be obtained from your provider) to OneShare Health.

  • I'm a Member, How Do I Reset My OneSource Password?

    If you go to the OneShare portal login screen, you will see a line of text that reads “Forgot your Password?”

    Click this option, input your email address, and select “Send New Password.” A reset link will arrive in the inbox associated with this login.

  • How Do I Navigate My OneShare Health Program?

    First, we highly recommend you visit us at Our interactive website was designed with YOU in mind. This is your main center for information about Programs, access to your Member Portal and OneShare Box, a glossary of terms, Provider and Prescription searches, Member Education Resource Hub, Member Testimonials, charity initiatives, and more!

    Next, if you didn’t find the answers in your OneShare Health portal, reach out to our incredible Member Support. They’re here to provide personalized assistance to you in understanding how to get the most out of your program at no additional cost to you and your family. They will provide guidance and answers to your questions and help you maximize the resources available through your Program.

    For any additional questions or concerns about Sharing, your Program, or how Health Care Sharing Ministries work, please contact Member Support at 833-546-4478 or via email at


  • What if my doctor is not in the My Choice Provider Locator?

    Not a problem! Go see whoever you choose. At OneShare Health, our Members are not restricted to an In-Network/Out-of-Network requirement when it comes to Physicians and Facilities. You are free to see your selected Provider. 

  • How Do I Update My Member Portal Login Information?

    In the top right corner of your OneSource Portal Homepage, you will see your name. When you click your name, a short dropdown will appear with an option to “Update Password.”

    At this time, you will not be able to change your email within the Portal – however, you can call Member support to make that change or submit a formal Program Change Request under the Resources Tab Selection “Make a Change”.

  • How do I explain my Program services to my Provider?  

    If you choose not to use a doctor listed in the My Choice Provider Locator, it is still important to have a conversation with them about your Program and how they will be reimbursed. Advocate for your Program by explaining it is a Member-driven option that allows you to choose any Provider. 

    In rare instances, a doctor not listed in the My Choice Provider Locator will insist on receiving their full billed charge and refuse to negotiate with OneShare, leaving a Member with some additional sharing responsibility. 


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